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Business (Companies)

This section offers you a brief characterisation of Portuguese companies in general and a summary of the innovation and competitiveness indicators. Also, find out which are the Portuguese prominent sectors and explore the European sectoral statistics. For more information on the large enterprises sector, SMEs or entrepreneurship please explore our topic The Portuguese Companies. In Competitiveness & Innovation you will find more indicators, innovation scoreboards and some interesting case studies. To know more about a specific economic activity sector please explore the topic Sectors in this section.

A Quick Overview

Characterisation of the Portuguese Companies


Sectoral Analysis of Non-Financial Corporations in Portugal 2012/2013 (in Portuguese)
Report - November 2013

Banco de Portugal (Portuguese Central Bank)

Structure and Dynamics of Non-Financial Corporations in Portugal
Report - December 2010

Banco de Portugal (Portuguese Central Bank)

Innovation & Competitiveness Indicators


Research and Innovation performance - Portugal 2013
Report - 2013

EC - European Commission

Innovation Union Competitiveness Report 2013
Report - 2013

Eurostat - European Commission

Portugal grows in innovation performance
Article - November 2011

Adi - Portuguese Innovation Agency

Sectoral Analysis


Portuguese prominent sectors
Fact Sheet - 2012

aicep Portugal Global - Trade & Investment Agency

Key Figures on European Business 2011
Report - 20 July 2011

Eurostat - European Commission

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